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LJ’S TOWING & TRANSPORT : For over 30 years, LJ’s Towing & Transport has been proud to serve both BC and Alberta with expert towing and transportation services. We know how important your vehicles are, so we make sure that you can get them to where they need to go. Whether you need us to transport them to your desired destination, tow them, or provide them with roadside assistance or storage.

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LJ’s Towing & Transport

Reliable Roadside Assistance


If your vehicle needs roadside assistance before being moved anywhere, LJ’s Towing & Transport would be happy to provide the following services:

Parking Lot Assistance

Have a private parking lot you’d like your vehicle to stay secure in? Whether you are a vehicle owner that needs a defined resting place for vehicle repairs, a car dealer that wants to emphasize your private parking lot, or an auction house that needs to keep people away from stored vehicles, LJ’s Towing & Transport can help! Using our sign supply and installation services, we can make sure others are aware that your vehicle is resting on private property.

If you need fast, reliable, licensed, and hassle-free transport services, roadside assistance, or parking lot assistance, call the experts at LJ’s Towing & Transport.